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About this course

Mission Training offers First Aid courses practical and scenario-based, to give a more modern hands-on and memorable learning experience. This helps to gain the skills and confidence to deal with emergency situations. The courses are designed to meet all levels of first aid training and are adapted so they are relevant to those people attending.

Whilst we all live in an uncertain world,  we now see and hear of daily occurrences of slashings, stabbings and people with gunshot wounds. Bandages, plasters and stereo strips no longer make the grade. Mission Training understands and recognises the need for a tactical approach to critical lifesaving skills, particularly in urban environments. We deliver the latest dynamic techniques in lifesaving skills to contain and manage catastrophic bleeding.

This is a 3-hour module aimed at those working in high-risk environments with a high possibility of medical incidents.

Catastrophic bleeding caused by slashings, stabbings and gunshots requires urgent intermediate attention. This course is for rapid intervention to reduce blood loss whilst introducing specialist haemostatic gauze to immobilise catastrophic bleeding.

This instruction is for first responders requiring additional skills to deal with major life-threatening incidents. Based on crucial ‘battlefield’ lifesaving skills, Mission Training deliver the ultimate urban trauma management and critical incident management training.

All students must hold an in-date first aid certificate before enrolling on this catastrophic bleeding control course.

Course Info

Catastrophic Bleeding Control – 3 Hours.

  • Introduction
  • Tourniquets
  • Haemostatic Dressings
  • DRABC, Primarily Survey, Top to Toe Survey, CDR
  • Recognition and management of catastrophic bleeding
  • Hypovolemia shock, symptoms and treatment
  • Ballistic trauma, puncture wounds and lacerations
  • Harmful chemical substances
  • Resources
  • Handover

The training includes realistic and graphic information on critical lifesaving skills for all daily risks.

This course also includes a practical assessment of essential intervention skills.


Mission Training certificate of attendance. Refresher training is advised annually to prevent skill fade


TBC (incl. VAT) per person including practical assessment

Group booking discount packages are available upon request.


‘I’ve learnt how to manage a catastrophic bleed, it was so helpful & enlightening too! A worthwhile and enjoyable course. ‘
December 2019

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